A.L.O.T. Shop Sundays

A.L.O.T. Shop Sundays will showcase a different type of item from my etsy shop each week! I am adding new items all the time and want to give each item a personalized review.

A bugs view...and a discount!!!

My little bug is quite the photographer! He is always grabbing my phone and taking pictures of random things. Each time I load my pics onto my computer I giggle at what I find. A long while ago, I had laid out a bunch of projects that I wanted to get done that week including new capes, car seat covers, bibs, etc.
Bug took a photo of the organized chaos I had going on that day.
{Keep in mind that this is an un-edited photo. I did not crop it to hide the trash on the chair in the foreground or the doggy bed and pillow under my craft table. This is what my craft room usually looks like!}

My fabulous mother creates and sews {all by herself-no one helps her do it much to peoples dis-belief} doll clothes for the American Girl dolls {and other dolls of similar sizes}.
She has a fabulous website called All Dolled Up where she sells her one of a kind creations.
I started sewing because of my mom ;)
I've always wanted to be just like her and I think I'm finally getting the hang of this sewing thing! Now, by no means do I ever think I could measure up to the talent that my mom has,
however, I am happy to be able to say that I at least have a sliver of her mad skills!
One of my current favorite things to sew are my super hero capes so I decided that I would create a cape for her dolls.
They turned out really cute!
I am currently offering a 15% discount to my followers and any new friends!
Just visit my Etsy shop and type the code Dolled15 at checkout!
{Discount is good 6/19/11 through 6/25/11 and can be used on ANY item in the shoppe!}

I love new friends so if you would like to follow my blog, please do so by clicking the link on my left side bar!

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Camera Strap
It has been my goal for quite some time to make a camera strap!
Thing is.....I don't have a camera!
I just use my phone.
Lame ;}

I decided to make a camera strap for 2 of my sisters since their birthdays are 2 days apart and they both have nice cameras!
I was quite proud of myself!
I didn't follow any kind of tutorial and I only called my mom once with just one question!

L.O.V.E. love how it turned out!
I can't wait to have a camera of my own to put one of these cuties onto!
I will be making more of these to add to my etsy shop in the near future!
So exciting!!


Baby Girl Shower Gift

My cousin Deborah had a baby shower last week to celebrate her sweet baby girl!
She is due sometime in June, if I remember correctly, and is just the cutest little prego mama!
I wanted to make her something special because she has done so much for me!
If you didn't know....she is the super fabulous gal that designed my logo and such!
{A post to come on that soon!}

I emailed her some cute websites for fabric shopping and told her to pick something out!
She chose a Ty Pennington fabric which I loved!
I couldn't wait to get started!
She got a mommy cover,
Binky Clipie,
2 Burp Cloths,
a bib {these kind aren't in my shop yet but they will be!}
and a diaper and wipes holder!
{I had plans to make her a wipes case but didn't get it done in time-she'll get it soon!}

I love how everything turned out and she was excited about them too!
If you would like a bundle like this, just visit my shop!
You can pick and choose a mix of items or you can email me with your request!
If you find a fabric online that you would like, and I can find it at a local store, I would be happy to customize your bundle for you!



These blankies are so snuggly how can you not have one.....
or two.....
or three!

These blankies are approximately 30x30.
Just the right size for your little bug!

They can be made of all sorts of different fabrics including
Jersey knit, flannel and even minky!

So stop by the shop and grab your blankie today!


Car Seat Covers

Help keep the light out and keep baby warm and protected with a new car seat cover!
These covers are made from 2 coordinating fabrics; either flannel, cotton or even minky!  
They are approximately 42x35 inches. 

The corners are rounded {on some of my newer creations} to help keep the cover off of the floor. 
There are ribbon straps with velcro and cute button embellishments to easily attach the cover to your car seat.
They are easy to remove and wash. 

And can also be used as a snuggly blankie for your little one!
Visit my etsy shop to get yours today!

Coming Soon!!
I have big plans for these babies!!
Aren't they just adorable!!  
I am in L.O.V.E. with them!  
They are even cuter than the photo I originally bought them from!
I can't wait to show you what these sweet little owls will become!!
Stay tuned!!

Burpies are definitely a staple for any new baby!
I have a variety of different shapes, sizes and fabrics available in my Etsy shop!
{In the photos shown below}:
The folded Burpies are made of a cotton fabric over diaper cloth with a coordinating ribbon trim.
The 'rolled' Burpies are made of cotton fabric with a terrycloth backing.
They are the perfect size for you and baby measuring approximately 9x14.
I also have a new Burpie in the making
{the black and turquoise floral shown below}.
They are made completely of flannel.
Don't ask me what the shape of this one is! I couldn't come up with a name for it!!
I will be changing the shape just a teeny bit before they go up for sale, however.

There you have it! A Burpie for everyone!
So stop by my shop and pick out your favorite one!!



{Sorry I'm a little slow on my post for the day!}
Today we are taking a look at the Frayed Bibs from my etsy shop!
These are made of cotton fabric with terrycloth. There is a velcro closure and they are machine washed for a super cute frayed look.

Wipes Cases
These ultra fashion-able wipes cases are sure to draw attention when out and about or even at home! Both the top and bottom are covered with a cotton fabric and trimmed with a coordinating ribbon. I have even added some super cute embellishments for a little extra sass!
They are great baby shower gifts as well!
The large wipes case is even awesome when used in the laundry room! Instead of putting wipees in it, put your fabric softener sheets in it!  They fit perfectly and this will add a little bit of class to your laundry area!
So stop by my etsy shop and get your favorite before it's gone!


Today I will be featuring my binky clipies!!
These are among one of the first things I started making for my site. I just love them!
They are approximately 1.5" wide by 10" long. There is a rounded metal alligator clip on one end that provides soft plastic teeth that will grip whatever you are attaching it to to make sure that it won't slip off. The other end has a small piece of ribbon which is what you attach to your binky. I decided to use a ribbon so that it can fit on pretty much all the different types of binkies out there!

I have several different binky clips available. If you order an item and want a binky clip to match it but can't find one on my site, send me an email and let me know!
I can usually make a binky clip to match anything in my shop!

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