Tidbit Tuesdays: Cafe Life

Tidbit Tuesdays will reveal something new each week about yours truly! I love visiting other crafty blogs and learning new things about the authors. It's much more personable that way!  I will tell you all about my cute little family, my crafting adventures, past experiences, my hopes for the future and I might even mention something about my hair extensions ;)


Happy Birthday to my oh so fabulous husband!!

You are the best daddy in the world!
You have the sweetest, most caring family who loves you to pieces!
You are an amazing role model!
...and I couldn't be luckier to have you in my life!
We love you!!!!!

Easter Fun

Last Friday husband took the day off of work for some fun family time!
We decided to go to the Zoo!  
It was fun to go, just the three of us, and spend several hours walking around seeing ALL of the animals!
It is the perfect time of year to visit the Zoo right now!
All of the animals are up and about moving around because it is not too hot and it wasn't raining!
Jase loved the Kangaroo
Elephants {new baby included!}
and Rhinos!
The bears aren't around right now because they are building a new habitat for them but that's okay :)
Easter Sunday was spent looking for eggs
Playing Jase's new Hungry Hungry Hippos game that the Easter Bunny got him
and eating dinner with family!

Hope everyone else had a fabulous Easter as well!!!

Cafe Life

I have an addiction.
I'm a little embarrassed to talk about it, actually....
Okay, here goes............

I play Cafe Life.
There, I said it!
I play Cafe Life.

It's one of those little games that you see on your Facebook side bars.
I had never played one of those games before.
I used to constantly get requests from friends for the games that they played and I always ignored them.
I just wasn't interested.
Then I started making cupcakes at home, a lot, it sorta became my new thing.
...then I saw the advertisement on the side bar for this game.
I figured I would give it a try to see why people liked to play these things.
I am totally addicted
{tho not as much as I used to be, thank goodness!}
You are given a certain amount of space and you can decorate your avatar and your cafe just how you want!
This is my cafe....it changes all the time :)
The more friends you know who have their own cafe's, the larger you can make yours.
You make sweet treats {mostly cupcakes, cookies and pies} 
and yummy drinks like hot chocolate and smoothies!
I used to play this thing twice a day, everyday.....
then it went to once a day....
and has slowly dwindled down to 'when I think about it' 
which is once or twice a week, if even that.
It used to drive husband crazy...but now he doesn't care so much.
He does, however, still make fun of me every time I play :)


So, husband saw the post I made of our puppy, Harley, and got jealous that he did not yet have a post of his own!  So here it is!!!

Husband and I have been together for 9 years and have been married for almost 6 years!
I remember the first time I saw him......

We were at a family friend's house and it was Easter!  
I had already eaten before I got there and was sitting at the coffee table doing a puzzle.  
This rather handsome 'kid' had walked in and he had these incredible sideburns that came down and followed his jawline to his cute little goatee!  
I was in love!!  
Okay, I just really liked him and thought that he was like, the most good looking guy I had ever seen!

I went back the following Sunday {they had BBQ's once a week back then} and he happened to be there!  I remember that I was wearing a bright blue, long sleeved shirt {just had to throw that in!  Details, people!}.  
We were all sitting in the living room after eating and watching shows together.  He sat on a reclining chair and I sat next to it {no more couch space, duh!} and had my arm up on the footrest that he was using!  Hehe!  Anything to get close to the cute guy, right!
Well, I kept glancing over at his sister and my brothers then girlfriend {long story} and they kept winking at me and mouthing the words "he's cute, huh!"  I kept telling them to stop for fear that he might see!  
Apparently they were doing the same thing to him when I wasn't looking!
The following day, I called my bro's then girlfriend and asked her about the 'Matt kid'.  
She screamed "he's going to ask you out!!!".
I was totally shocked!  I completely thought that he was just way too cool and cute for me!
10 minutes later, he called me!
Our conversation when like this:
Him: Hey, this is Matt .... from last night..... do you remember me?
Me: Matt......{sounding very puzzled} from last night?......Um.....No, I don't.
Him: Oh.....Uhhh........
Me: Just kidding!  Of course I remember you, it was only yesterday!

hahaha  I know, it was pretty mean of me to do that!  He still doesn't think it's funny...to this day ;)
We actually ended up going out that night!
He came and picked me up in his sisters Xterra {he had a junky car and wanted to impress!}
We went to dinner at a place called Giovannis {which is no longer in business here in Utah.  Sad!}
We talked the entire time!  I was pretty shocked about that!  We found out a lot about each other and genuinely had a great time together!  I think that one of the best things that he learned about me that night was that I didn't expect him to be 'too gentleman-ly'.  I didn't expect him to open the car door for me or anything like that.  I think he started to like me even more then!  haha

After that, we actually went to his sister and brother-in-laws apartment because his sister wanted to get to know me more.  He lived with them at the time and I was super excited about it because I thought his sister was just the most beautiful person {she still is!}.  After hanging out there for about an hour, we all decided to go to the movies.  
On the way to the theater, the song "Build me up Buttercup" came on.  
He started singing it.
He knew every word.
Sang every fluctuation.
And completely sang on key.
I was impressed!
Then came the part that goes "I need you...more than anything baby..."  he looked right at me!
Now, if you are anything like me, I think that every song is about me and the situation I am in at that moment.  
So naturally, he was singing to me and that meant that he liked me...a LOT!
I was in heaven!

So we watched our movie, The Rookie, and then he drove me home.  
We had already talked about the awkward 'kiss' so that we wouldn't have to worry about it {and sorry, I don't remember the details of the conversation, I'm sure he would} so we didn't have a good night kiss that night.  
It was such an awesome date!  
The best I'd ever been on {Okay, the best out of.....4!!}

He called me the next day....
and the next.....
and the rest is history!

{and by the way, I kissed him, finally, on day 5!}

Love your face, husband!!!



This is our first baby!
Harley David Browning was born in October of 2005 and we got to take him home in January of 2006. He is a Boxer {and I don't just mean the breed! When this guy plays, he will seriously swat at you with his paws just like a real boxer!}
We couldn't have asked for a better friend. We L.O.V.E. him to pieces! He is such a good boy!
He has the sweetest personality! He loves his mama, that's for sure and he is a great guard dog too! When husband is out of town or just out with friends until the wee hours of the morning, Harley is so attentive! Seriously, I cannot sleep when husband isn't home because Harley growls or gets up at every noise to check it out and make sure his mama is safe!
He has always been allowed to sleep in bed with us {could you say no to that face!}. He sleeps on my side, usually at my feet, so he isn't in daddy's way.
I position myself around him {yes, he is that spoiled!}.
Harley loves car rides! I think that we had just gotten into the parking lot of puppy training school and I turned around to see him sitting in my nieces car seat {that i had in my car}!
He is so funny!

Harley was about 2 1/2 when we had our little bug, Jase. They instantly became best friends! Harley is so gentle with babies! Whenever bug would fuss, Harley would be right by his side!
He would usually stare at me with a look on his face like "uh, are you gonna do something about that?"!!

Harley is such a good sport too! Jase will lay on top of him or sit behind him on the couch with his legs draped over him. He even sat still long enough for us to put this Halloween wig on him for all of 3.5 seconds!
{Please, no pictures mom!}

When solicitors come to the door, they always ask if he's a nice dog. He doesn't bark too often but when I open the door to strangers, he lets them know that he is ready to protect his family! Husband tells me that I need to tell the solicitors "nope, he's vicious and will bite you if you get too close!" hehe He really is as gentle as they come though! He is playful and gets excited when people come over to play, but once they've all settled in, he does too!

Harley gets included on all of our yearly photo shoots~~~he is an equal part of our family!
We have had some scares with him, that's for sure. If he gets out the front door, he RUNS! He loves to run and, though he is good at listening when he is inside, he doesn't listen when he's outside! We've had to get in the car and chase him down a few times!
He also had a benign tumor removed from his foot about a year ago. He is such a trooper!

I mean, c'mon! Wouldn't you wanna snuggle up to this!


So....without further ado..............

I LOVE to dress up!

It is not often that I get to put on super fancy clothes and go to a black tie event!
Husband works for an incredible company which throws very extravagant parties! Their annual work party happens in March and this year it was Cirque du Soleil themed!

Everyone was asked to dress in their best clothes with crazy face make-up and/or masquerade masks! I have always wanted to go to a party where I could wear a masquerade mask and I finally got the chance! It was so much fun!!! There were performers everywhere doing crazy things and dancing around. There was fabulous food and yummy dessert as well!
{This is me gettin' my groove on!}
They even had a hypnotist! I am not quite sure that he was able to hypnotize any one of the 15 people that stampeded onto the stage, but it was sure hilarious to watch them all pretend!

It was great to finally be able to meet husbands friends that he talks about all the time! My Bro in law is a big time guy at the company so we were able to spend the night with him and my Sis in law {pictured with us below} which made it that much better!
Can't wait until next year! I am not sure how they are going to top this one ;)

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