Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I love to be organized!

I love to blog hop...especially through crafty blogs! I recently came across Smashed Peas & Carrots and could not get over how fabulously organized her fabric looked!
I had mine in several different places and not all of my fabrics were visible. Ya kinda forget what you have! I have scraps in the green wire basket on top and then have fabric folded on the shelf above the books for projects that I already have in mind. The rest of my fabric was in 3 or 4 different bins that I have in the large shelving unit to the left of this one (I decline to show any photos of that!)
A few days later, I ordered some of the comic storage boards and was thrilled the day they arrived! I instantly started putting all my fabric on bolts and put them on my shelf! I used 81 of the 100 boards!! I did not even realize I had that much fabric (even if a lot of them are just fat quarters)!
Here is my newly organized stash! It is not nearly as cute or as plentiful as Maggie's but I am still super excited about how it turned out!

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