Monday, February 7, 2011

To spray or not.....

So, I've become a huge fan of spray paint. I also recently bought some really cute colors to try out even though I have no certain plans for them at this point! I bought a slate blue, cream and even a Sunglow yellow!
See, I'm going to change around the colors of my house as soon as we move {within the next few months here} and I want my colors to be slate blue, grey, white and silver! It sounds so peaceful and calm! ...and even though husband isn't so into it as he so informed me this weekend when we were walking through model homes, I am the decorator and this is how
it is going to be! hehe
This is my inspiration: {sorry it's a little blurry}
I just LOVE the colors! Can't get enough of em!

So here are some changes I am thinking about.
Husband and I have this ugly $30 nightstand {the other one has already broke} and it will be a while before I can afford to buy the new ones that I want so....I was thinking I could spray paint it? It has a watermark stain on the top of it and you can see where it has been damaged because of, well, i'm not quite sure, because it was so cheap to begin with maybe?!! I'm thinking slate blue? I have this black/brown dresser from ikea that I was thinking I would paint {not spray} a silvery color and then change the knobs on it so
I'm thinking that this would match.
Then I have this mirror on my picture wall. I am not sure where it will end up in the new house {since I'll be doing something different with my pictures} but I'm thinking slate blue as well?
I am thinking of changing the color of the black frames to the slate blue and leaving the cream one as is...
I want to spray paint my little bugs shelving unit either white or cream...
Do I dare change the color of this Ikea shelving system? It's for my crafting and I was thinking, yes again, slate blue or silver!
The largest thing I've spray painted before was that mirror above. It was many different colors and I sprayed it a solid, shiny black. Do I dare do bigger items? I bought the spray paint for smaller things like this ugly brown vase that I have and some other picture frames so that I could start small with my new theme but what do you think?
Thanks for your help and advice!

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