Monday, March 21, 2011

Mondays Managed: We're Moving!

We're moving!!!!!
I used to be beyond thrilled about this move but the closer it gets to that time and the more I start packing, the more nervous I get!

Husband and I have lived in this house for 5 years. We have had our dog Harley the entire time we've been here and our little boy, Jase, will be turning 4 in May. This was our first home and I will always remember it for that reason.
I've never been a huge fan of my house, though. There are just WAY too many stairs! Our bedrooms and husbands office are upstairs and my office is down in the basement. So whenever I want to sew or craft, I feel like I am a thousand miles away from everyone else.
It will all change soon enough, though!

We are making the big move this Saturday so I'll be busy packing all week! I'm actually excited about packing, if you can believe it! I am one of those people that likes organization. My lucky husband was asked not to be involved in the packing. He did help me clean out the garage today but other than that, it's all me!
I know what needs to go to storage, what needs to go with us, what is trash and what will be donated....he doesn't know any of that! {I'm a very picky person and like things done a certain way-don't worry, he is in charge of loading and unloading the moving truck!}.

We will be moving in with family for a while so we will be downsizing, that's for sure.
My beautiful entertainment center and couches cannot come with us so instead of putting them in storage, my brother in law will be 'borrowing' them until we move to a bigger space {which he's super excited about!}.
For now, I will miss having my own washer and dryer, shelving for my craft room and separate rooms for our bedrooms and offices.....
I am beyond grateful to our family for allowing us to encroach on their space for the time being! W family, you are the BEST!!!

So here's to new beginnings! I can't wait!

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