Sunday, May 29, 2011

A.L.O.T. Shop Sundays: Shower Gift

Baby Girl Shower Gift

My cousin Deborah had a baby shower last week to celebrate her sweet baby girl!
She is due sometime in June, if I remember correctly, and is just the cutest little prego mama!
I wanted to make her something special because she has done so much for me!
If you didn't know....she is the super fabulous gal that designed my logo and such!
{A post to come on that soon!}

I emailed her some cute websites for fabric shopping and told her to pick something out!
She chose a Ty Pennington fabric which I loved!
I couldn't wait to get started!
She got a mommy cover,
Binky Clipie,
2 Burp Cloths,
a bib {these kind aren't in my shop yet but they will be!}
and a diaper and wipes holder!
{I had plans to make her a wipes case but didn't get it done in time-she'll get it soon!}

I love how everything turned out and she was excited about them too!
If you would like a bundle like this, just visit my shop!
You can pick and choose a mix of items or you can email me with your request!
If you find a fabric online that you would like, and I can find it at a local store, I would be happy to customize your bundle for you!

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