Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Yep, I'm posting about another birthday!
{May is just crazy for us I tell ya!}

My little bug is!
I just love this little man to pieces!

Though he may still be learning to share his toys,
and how not to retaliate when provoked,
He is a really good kid and I am super proud of him!
He has fabulous manners, If I do say so myself!
When we go out to restaurants, he always raises his hand and says "pick me pick me!"
Then he'll tell the waitress what he wants and remembers to say please and thank you!
We are currently trying to teach him how to spell his name!
He gets the letters mixed up when he says it on his own but we're getting there!

He is a very neat and organized kid too!
Though he can make a huge mess,
he has bins for all his different types of toys and when he cleans up,
he puts them away, right where they go!
He still loves to snuggle with his blankies.
He pulls the fuzzies off and tickles his face with them!

He also still plays with my hair.
What mommy wouldnt' love that!
He'll grab a chunk of my hair and tickle himself!
It's a comfort thing :)
He loves all things boy!
Superheros are his thing.
He loves to play with his little superhero action figures,
His big transformers
And now has several dress-ups for Bumblebee, Iron man, Captain America...just to name a few!
He also loves cars and trucks and trains!
One of his biggest talents, is playing video games.
Yes, I let him play video games ;}
He is pro at Sonic and Mario on the PS3 and Wii
And is also super coordinated when he plays video games online.
Whether it be on Playhouse Disney or on his daddy's World of Warcraft game!
He'll make lots of money one day being a professional video gamer....or a computer tech!

For his birthday, he got a DS lite!
I know....spoiled!
But that's pretty much all he got from us!
He is really good at it already!
It's pretty impressive :}
He loves to snuggle and have "just you and me-a" time.

We still rock in the chair and read stories and sing songs before bedtime.
Which I love.
I'll be sad when he's too big for that one!

Kisses make any owie feel better.......even when the kisses are blown from far away :}
He loves playing outside!
Slides are his favorite but he likes swings too.
He is an excellent climber!
He is getting really good at riding his big boy two-wheeler bike!
{It's nice to live right across the street from a park, literally}

His favorite foods include waffles,
chicken strips {not a fan of nuggets},
and rice.
He's a pretty picky eater but if you couldn't tell,
he loves breakfast foods!
His favorite color is blue and if you ask him what his name is he will reply with
"Sonic Blue"'s
"Sonic blue hedgehodge super speed faster fire power blaster"
To sum it all up........
This little man is AMAZING!
I'm just sayin'!
And we couldn't be luckier to have him!

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