Thursday, February 24, 2011


I need some help in choosing the new bedding set that I want to get!!
Husband and I have had 2 or 3 different bedroom sets since we've been together that have been some form of tan or brown color. I was trying to stay neutral for him but now I want to go for something a little lighter!
I am going for calm and relaxing! I love greys, white, silver and slate blue a lot right now so that's what I'm going for! Whatever color bedding I get, I plan on making some cute accent pillows with my other colors.
I have narrowed it down to 4 bedding sets-in NO particular order of preference!
{Click on any of the images to enlarge}

Choice #1-White Ruched bedding
Choice #2-White Kissed Bedding
Choice #3-Hadley Ruched Bedding
Choice #4-Grey Cirrus Ruched Bedding

Let me know what your favorite is! I would love your opinions!!


ashlynloves2blog said...

I like #2.

I just did a similar change. We have ALWAYS had brown and I finally decided to go with a white down comforter and light blue pillows, sheets, and curtains. It had really lightened up our room and makes it seem bigger.

Michelle said...

Well, my vote is for #1 or #3. They are all nice though, except I don't love #2 so much (watch that will be the one you bought and I just stuck my foot in my mouth). :D Aunt Chell

The Brownings said...

Haha Chell! I am liking #2 & #3 at the moment. Husband said "no way" on number 4 which was actually my favorite {yet most expensive} one. I won't be getting it for a while though so I have plenty of time to decide!

Linda Higgins said...

the last one is more masculine, but my fav is #3, so elegant and classy! It looks like something you could MELT into! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog! It is just YOU, so sweet, charming and CLASSY! Did you design it? I really need a new design for mine..(hint hint) love you sweetie!

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