Sunday, February 27, 2011

A week with A Little of This...

I have decided to give myself a new schedule with my blog! I want to be able to have enough to blog about without too many spaces in between so I decided that I would lay out my weeks with specific posts! I have compiled lists of topics and things that I can do for each of these days so I'll be good to go for months ;)

A.L.O.T. Shop Sundays will showcase a different type of item from my etsy shop each week! I am adding new items all the time and want to give each item a personalized review.
Mondays Managed will feature fun organizational quests and home decorating adventures! I have a new color pallet in mind and several cans of spray paint just waiting to be used!
Tidbit Tuesdays will reveal something new each week about yours truly! I love visiting other crafty blogs and learning new things about the authors. It's much more personable that way!
Flavorful Fridays will feature some of my favorite recipes as well as some of my favorite places to eat! Bubble gum ice cream with gummy bears, anyone?!!

I have some ideas for the other days of the week but think I'll go with this for now!
I will be starting my 'new week' next Sunday on 3/6. I am so excited!!

...and until then, because I like photos with every post..........
This is me and bug testing out the masks husband and I will be wearing at his work party next weekend!

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