Thursday, March 24, 2011


So so sorry!
I know that I totally missed my Tuesday post but I have been oh so busy packing up box after box after box that I am completely out of energy!
Not to mention the fact that we have gotten by this week on fast food, hot dogs and cheerios!

All I have left to pack is the kitchen and half of the bathroom. I will take care of that tomorrow.

My back is absolutely killing me from packing and lifting. I have put all of the boxes into the garage so that it will be easier for the boys on moving day.

Isn't that nice of me?!!

Saturday we will get the moving truck and load it all up!
Husbands brothers and my dad will be helping...thank goodness!
I will be supervising and packing up the stuff from the fridge.
Then I get to have fun unpacking!
Thank goodness 2/3rds of our stuff is going into storage so it shouldn't take me too long!

Little Caesars is on the menu for tomorrow night :)

See you Sunday!

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