Friday, March 18, 2011

Flavorful Fridays: Ice Cream

Bubble Gum

So, I had these huge plans for St. Patty's day. I was going to put together a cute little jar of candies for husband to take to work with him, I was going to put some cute tags that I printed out onto some items I bought the other day for husband and bug, and I was planning on making cupcakes {using green food coloring, of course}. Did it happen? Nope! But it was the thought that counts, right? Maybe next year my plans will work out! I will start traditions with my {almost} 4 year old eventually!

So anyways,
I like ice cream....a lot. It's so yummy! I like Baskin Robbins....a lot. It's SUPER yummy!
Baskin Robbins is my most favorite place to get ice cream and I always get the same 2 things:
Banana Malt OR 2 scoops of Bubble Gum ice cream with gummie bears on top!
Yes, I just said that!
I remember getting this little concoction ever since I was little. That's not all though
{and I reallycan't believe that I am about to admit this!}.....................
I like to eat my ice cream with the little taste tester spoons! Aaahhh!! Yep! It's completely true!
I can't deny it! I always pretend that I want to taste some random flavor while I am there so that
I don't feel like a dork just asking for the spoon! Believe me, I've gotten some funny looks. Ya know,
the "is she serious? Seriously?" looks. That's okay though! It's all worth it to me!
It makes my ice cream last longer AND it makes my ice cream taste better!! hehe

So what are you favorite ice cream flavors?!

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