Monday, March 14, 2011

Mondays Managed: A Clean Purse

A Clean Purse!

I love purses! I have several! Lime green, grey, pink, yellow floral and even a fuchsia clutch!

This particular purse was really the first 'sophisticated' purse that I have purchased! I bought it about 2 years ago and used it for a good solid year. I just love it!

The creamy color seems just so fancy to me!

Well, as all purses do that get good use out of them, it got dirty. Really dirty. It looked more of a dirty grey then the creamy color it used to be. A regular old wipee just didn't seem to do the trick {wipees are my go to cleaner!!} so I asked my mom {my go to person for just about everything!} and she suggested a Magic Eraser.

So I started scrubbing. WOW! After only 3 swipes, I could see a HUGE difference! Hooray! It was going to work! I am hoping you can tell the difference from the photo below. I cleaned the part just under the zipper pull first. I was so excited!

You can see a little bit on this one {the photo is kind of blurry}. I cleaned the left side of this part of the purse, but not the right. Big difference! As I was cleaning it, you could see the gross brown water dripping off the purse from all the dirt that I was scrubbing off!

After I used the Magic Eraser, I wiped it down with a wet paper towel. I am so happy with the results! It looks {almost} as good as it did when I bought it! And after having it sit on a shelf in my closet for the last year, I am excited to use it again! It's just like buying a new purse!

So if you have a purse hiding in your closet, pull it out and give it a scrub!

You'll be amazed at the difference!!!

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Linda Higgins said...

Wow I never thought to use a magic eraser! I use them for a lot of stuff but never thought to clean my purses with them. I will give it a go...I a cute pink purse that needs to come out now that spring is here! It is that real soft leathery material like yours! Hmm going home and giving it a go!

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