Monday, April 18, 2011

Mondays Managed: Easter Basket

Easter Basket

I want to make my little bug an Easter basket that he can use year after year.
My brother, sister and I used to have the cutest, most adorable Easter baskets that my mom had made for us.
They were Easter Bunny baskets. My mom had made little arms, feet, a head and a cute little body and had attached them to our baskets.
My mom says that she, oddly enough, does not have a photo of these baskets that we had for years and years and years.
It really bums me out!
I am trying so hard to remember exactly what they looked like so that I can re-create it for my little man...but...I cannot remember.
My mom tried to give me an idea of how she made them but she is currently out of town so she won't be able to help me try and put one together.
Plus, we are leaving for Idaho to visit family this weekend, then my niece and her mommy will be visiting next week so there really is no time for me to try and make this work before the holiday.
I guess it will have to wait until next year which is okay because hopefully, by then, I will be making 2 Easter baskets instead of just one. Fingers crossed here people!

Anyways, I didn't want just a plain old basket so I decided to get a little creative, inexpensively, to make a basket similar to what I used to have without spending very much time.
I finally found a cute basket that I liked at Target. I also bought some paper grass to put in it. The bunny is one my little bug got last year for Easter.
All I did was apply self-stick velcro to the bunny's legs, arms and neck to make him stay in place! It actually stays right where I want it too!
It took me about 5 minutes to do this.
I like it!
It adds a little somethin' somethin to a plain basket
and subsides my craving to recreate my old childhood basket
.........until next year!!!

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