Monday, April 11, 2011

Mondays Managed

Not so Managed

Today I feel like this.....

{Yes, those are 9 Golden Retriever puppies laying on my moms bed}

However, my day is actually quite the opposite.

My mom is out of town visiting my brother so while my dad is at work during the day, I come over to snuggle the dogs and let them out to do their thang.

{FYI-there are only 2 puppies and the mom and dad dogs left-they are done selling them}.

I brought my dog, Harley, with me so that he wasn't left at home and things went crazy!

Normally, all the dogs would get along fine, but since the mommy doggy has had her pups, she let my poor dog know that this was her house and he was not welcome.

So, my morning has been quite stressful and I am all ready to call it a day.

I'm thinking I'll go home and do some Zumba to shake out this funk I'm now in and then take a long shower.

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