Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Mama, Bug & Daddy.
For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a mommy.
It was always my dream.
I was the happiest person alive the day I found out I was preggo with my little bug!
He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
He has taught me so much and I am forever grateful for my little blessing!
I can't wait to see this little man grow up! I just love him to pieces!

This is me, my sister and my mama!
These 2 beautiful women are my best friends.
They mean so much to me.
My sister and I are always in 'competition' with each other over who gets the most attention from our parents but I couldn't love her more!
She is a wonderful supper mommy to her 4 kiddos
and has such unimaginable strength.
She is creative and crafty and she may be a better sewer than me.....but don't tell her that!

Aside from my little family, my mommy is my world.
I couldn't go a day without her.
We have such a strong relationship that no one else can match!
If I go two days without talking to her on the phone I feel like it's been forever!
We do text and play scrabble on our phones every day though.
She is the best listener in the world and can always make me smile.
Even if she doesn't have the answers I need, after I'm done talking to her, I feel so much better.
I would not be the person I am today without her!

This is my step mommy-in-law!
She is an amazing woman and has the sweetest, most caring personality.
I always feel so welcome and relaxed when I am around her.
We love going to home decor shops and visiting open houses together.
We get to see her about once every three months and I cherish every single moment we have.
She is my mom away from home!

This is my mommy deary {mom-in-law}!
She has the funnest personality!
There is never a dull moment when grammy is around!
I remember the first time I met her she was eating dinner and was twirling her spaghetti on a spoon! I thought she was so fancy!!! haha
She is very classy, very fashionable, playful with my bug, super smart and is such a loving and fabulous woman.
Did I mention that she has the best taste in jewelry?! I think that's why I started collecting "pirate treasure", as she calls it! Gotta have the bling!

This is my sister in law!
We have been best girlfriends since husband and I started dating.
She is the most positive and beautiful person I know.
I am extremely jealous of her clothes, her thick gorgeous hair and her collection of shoes!
She has such a beautiful spirit and I look up to her so much.
We are currently living with her and her sweet family and I feel grateful everyday to be surrounded by such caring, generous and loving people.

There are many wonderful and fabulous women in my life!
I am oh so very blessed to have them all!

So to my moms,
my sister and all my sisters in law,
my grandma, my gram,
my Oma & Bobbi {who are watching us from above}-
my aunts, my cousins and all my girlfriends,
I love you guys!
More than words can express!

Actually.....this song says it pretty well :)

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