Monday, May 9, 2011

Mondays Managed: Jewelry Holders

I have an obsession. I love jewelry.
And not just any jewelry-BIG jewelry!
Though I do love me some simple pink pearl earrings,
I also love me some huge chandelier earrings and necklaces!

A couple of weeks back, Ashley from
{one of THE best blogs on this planet, by the way!}
did an eye spy edition of her shoes and jewelry
{yes, I am a shoe gal as well!}!

I fell in L.O.V.E. with her jewelry holders!
I have been on the lookout for the perfect jewelry holders for quite some time now and was in absolute heaven when I saw hers!!
This is a pic of her uber cute holders.

Are you drooling as much as I am right now?!!!!
I can't get over them!
They are the perfect colors
The perfect size
The perfect style
And EXACTLY what I am looking for!

So why not go out and get my own???
They are no where to be found!

The creamy white tiered one on the right is from PB teen and is called
Vintage Iron Jewelry Holder
The robbins egg blue birdcage holder on the left was from Marshalls

I have searched up and down online for these babies.
The PB holder is no longer sold.
I couldn't even find the Marshalls holder :(
I even checked all over Amazon and Ebay.

I am so sad!!
I finally find exactly what I want and I can't have it!!!
Don't you just hate that feeling!

Am I going to give up?
Absolutely not!
I will keep searching until these perfect little treasures are in my hands!

Soooo.......if anyone out there has any free time
or just so happens to see one of these lovelies floating around TJ Maxx or something,
please let me know ASAP!!
I can't take any chances with anyone else snatching them before I do!


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