Sunday, May 15, 2011

Studio 5

My sister, mom and I were lucky enough to go to the first ever live taping of Studio 5!!!!
Studio 5 is a local show here in Utah that has super cute craft ideas {among other things}!
Before the show even started, they had a raffle for several different prizes, including a trip to Disneyland!
And whom do you think won the 4 pack trip to Disneyland which included hotel and park accommodations?!
Well, not me........
but my mom did!!!
All 3 of us started jumping up and down screaming when they called her ticket number!
We were so excited for her!
Wonder who she'll take.......!!!
The show itself was awesome!
None of us had ever been to a live taping for anything before so we had a ton of fun!
Becky Higgins {the biggest name in scrapbooking} was a guest on the show!
Can I just tell you that she is just absolutely beautiful!
We also got to see Matt Townsend who is an expert relationship coach.
I would like to keep him in my pocket for those days when I need advice!
Oh yeah......and Lisa Bearnson {the scrapbooking queen} sat in the chair right behind me!
That's right, I'm cool ;}
We got to meet the hosts of the show too!
Thanks Studio 5!!
We had a blast!

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