Saturday, June 18, 2011

A.L.O.T. Shop Sunday: A bugs view...and a discount!!!

My little bug is quite the photographer! He is always grabbing my phone and taking pictures of random things. Each time I load my pics onto my computer I giggle at what I find. A long while ago, I had laid out a bunch of projects that I wanted to get done that week including new capes, car seat covers, bibs, etc.
Bug took a photo of the organized chaos I had going on that day.
{Keep in mind that this is an un-edited photo. I did not crop it to hide the trash on the chair in the foreground or the doggy bed and pillow under my craft table. This is what my craft room usually looks like!}

My fabulous mother creates and sews {all by herself-no one helps her do it much to peoples dis-belief} doll clothes for the American Girl dolls {and other dolls of similar sizes}.
She has a fabulous website called All Dolled Up where she sells her one of a kind creations.
I started sewing because of my mom ;)
I've always wanted to be just like her and I think I'm finally getting the hang of this sewing thing! Now, by no means do I ever think I could measure up to the talent that my mom has,
however, I am happy to be able to say that I at least have a sliver of her mad skills!
One of my current favorite things to sew are my super hero capes so I decided that I would create a cape for her dolls.
They turned out really cute!
I am currently offering a 15% discount to my followers and any new friends!
Just visit my Etsy shop and type the code Dolled15 at checkout!
{Discount is good 6/19/11 through 6/25/11 and can be used on ANY item in the shoppe!}

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