Monday, June 20, 2011

Mondays Managed: New Ironing Board

Ironing Board

Okay-So, this isn't much of a project......
but I'm sure excited about it!
A while ago I decided to wash the cover of my mini ironing board that I use for all of my sewing needs.
Big mistake.

I, as is normal practice for me, shrunk it!
It wouldn't fit around the board enough to stay in place.
It drove me crazy!
But it was all I had so I just used it as is...
I decided I was over it one day and decided to make a new cover!
I grabbed some extra fabric that I had.
{yes, it's a boring color but I don't plan on using it forever.....
I have cuter plans for a tabletop ironing board once I have a real craft room again!}
I placed the cushiony part {yep, i'm really calling it that} on top of my fabric and cut around it.
I wasn't interested in it being perfectly straight so I just cut!
Then I took the string from the old cover and placed it near the edge of the new fabric.
Then I folded the fabric edges over about a half inch or so and sewed!
I was assuming that it wasn't going to work since I was totally making it up as I went along and free-handed all my cutting.
But when I put the cover on the board and pulled the string tight....
it actually worked!
I am beyond thrilled!
To you, it may just be a boring old ironing board.
But to me!'s a USEABLE boring old ironing board again,
and I love it!


Anonymous said...

Good job! The little things add up. It takes many rain drops to fill the ocean. Keep adding drops into the ocean of your life so it will stay full!

Linda Higgins said...

AHHH I need a new fabric on my board...and never thought to make one! they are so expensive to buy!

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