Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tidbit Tuesdays: My Favorite Smells

My Favorite Smells

I know,
Kinda random!
But creative, right?
Has anyone else put a post like this up on there site?
Hmm.....maybe there's a reason..... ;}

There are some things in life that just make me happy and totally brighten my day!

My number one favorite?
A freshly tubbied and lotioned up baby!
{Pic of my bug after his very first tubby! Oh he was so brand new! I miss that!}
Little babies make me feel like the world is a fairytale!
I just love them!
They make me so happy {and even more baby hungry if that's even possible!}
Their little chubby cheeks
and sweet little leg rolls
how can you not get enough!

Then to totally go in a different direction,
I love the smell of hamburger and onions frying in a pan!
I know, totally weird, but hey!
I like to put onions in a lot of the meals that I make....especially anything that has hamburger in it!
I want to make dinner right now so that I can have some!
It's 11am...that's an okay time to make dinner, right?

Campfires are just as fabulous!
I love the smell of the outdoors, period.
So fresh and clean....
We definitely love to camp, and try to go every year.
This year, we most likely won't go, because ALL of our camping gear is shoved into the back of our fully packed storage unit :{
I am hoping to fulfill my urge of that oh so wonderful mountainous smell by at least taking a day trip up to do some hiking and toast some delicious hot schmoes!
Until then, the smell of the grill in our back yard will have to suffice!

What are some of your favorite smells?!

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