Sunday, March 6, 2011

A.L.O.T. Shop Sundays

Each Sunday I will be featuring a different selection of items from my etsy shop!

Today I will be featuring my binky clipies!!
These are among one of the first things I started making for my site. I just love them!
They are approximately 1.5" wide by 10" long. There is a rounded metal alligator clip on one end that provides soft plastic teeth that will grip whatever you are attaching it to to make sure that it won't slip off. The other end has a small piece of ribbon which is what you attach to your binky. I decided to use a ribbon so that it can fit on pretty much all the different types of binkies out there!
I have several different binky clips available. If you order an item and want a binky clip to match it but can't find one on my site, send me an email and let me know!
I can usually make a binky clip to match anything in my shop!

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