Monday, March 7, 2011

Mondays Managed

So, I am totally unprepared for my Monday post....I was just a little busy this weekend! So I am going to show you all something that I did a while ago.
My picture wall!!
I wanted to be able to display photos of our entire family. We have a lot of cousins and aunties and uncles and even grandma and grandpa who live out of town and I wanted my little bug to be able to constantly see their photos so that he will remember who they are!
I have TONS of picture frames in all sorts of different sizes and colors. I started collecting them when husband and I first moved in together about 6 or 7 years ago and after we moved to our current home, I boxed them all up because they just weren't 'sophisticated' enough for me anymore.
I went through my large bin of frames and pulled out the ones that I was interested in using {the rest I ended up taking to the D.I.}. I also grabbed a large, colorful mirror that I had but figured I wouldn't ever put up again. I wanted something uniform, though, so I bought myself a can of shiny black spray paint and got to work!
I laid out some brown paper in the garage and placed the frames on top, then started spraying!!
{See all the different colors and textures of frames I had!!}
What a difference! I have a new found love for these frames now.

I let them stay outside for a while and then once they were dry enough, I brought them inside to dry overnight so I could park the car in the garage ;)
Next, I printed out the photos that I wanted to use {just using my photo printer} and put them in the frames so I knew if I needed to hang them vertically or horizontally. After that, I spent at least an hour with my frames on the floor trying to 'map' out how I would hang them {sorry, I apparently did not take a picture of this part of the process, I thought I did, but can't find it!}. Then I started putting holes in my wall.
19 to be exact. YIKES!
I even went so far as to spray paint the ugly thermostat that happened to be on that wall so it wouldn't stand out so much!
The left side of the wall is husbands side of the family and the right side of the wall is mine.
{There have been some new additions to the family since I hung the frames so I'm already in need of printing new photos for some of the frames!}
I just LOVE how it turned out! I know that it does not look professional, by any means, but it was my first attempt at a picture wall so I'll take it!!

My little bug likes it too! He constantly looks at it and says everyones names so it was definitely worth it!

Time well spent! And it only cost me a can of spray paint!

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Linda Higgins said...

I love your wall, I think it is very nice! I like the idea of spray painting all the frames one color and with all the different styles it turns out so nice! The binkie clipies are also a wonderful idea!

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