Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tidbit Tuesdays

Tidbit Tuesdays will reveal something new each week about yours truly! I love visiting other crafty blogs and learning new things about the authors. It's much more personable that way! I will tell you all about my cute little family, my crafting adventures, past experiences, my hopes for the future and I might even mention something about my hair extensions ;)


So....without further ado..............

I LOVE to dress up!

It is not often that I get to put on super fancy clothes and go to a black tie event!
Husband works for an incredible company which throws very extravagant parties! Their annual work party happens in March and this year it was Cirque du Soleil themed!
Everyone was asked to dress in their best clothes with crazy face make-up and/or masquerade masks! I have always wanted to go to a party where I could wear a masquerade mask and I finally got the chance! It was so much fun!!! There were performers everywhere doing crazy things and dancing around. There was fabulous food and yummy dessert as well!
{This is me gettin' my groove on!}
They even had a hypnotist! I am not quite sure that he was able to hypnotize any one of the 15 people that stampeded onto the stage, but it was sure hilarious to watch them all pretend!
It was great to finally be able to meet husbands friends that he talks about all the time! My Bro in law is a big time guy at the company so we were able to spend the night with him and my Sis in law {pictured with us below} which made it that much better!
Can't wait until next year! I am not sure how they are going to top this one ;)

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